Sustainable Options helps you capture the value of green through a variety of service options.

Green Building Audits
Our green building audits give you the foundation of information you need to make the best decision for your asset.

Sustainable Options is one of the most widely recognized providers of green building consulting services and LEED auditing in the country. Our disciplined approach is to analyze the asset from an ownership and return-on-investment perspective.

With an understanding of the owner’s investment and ROI goals, we provide a cost/benefit report that utilizes our proprietary database of current LEED requirements to report costs to achieve any credit. 

Our LEED audits detail how a building currently performs regarding its green status, the criteria needed to achieve each of the four LEED levels (Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum), the cost of meeting each of those LEED levels and the expected return to the owner based on energy and water use reduction savings.  The Sustainable Options LEED audit process is designed to help make sustainable decisions that support the bottom line and then provide a clear roadmap to LEED certification. 



As a pioneer of LEED for Existing Buildings audits, Sustainable Options now provides a documented, comprehensive evaluation of your building based upon current LEED standards, including:

Existing status assessments
Energy Star and water consumption calculations
Credit by credit review and recommendations for implementation
Value of Green analysis — provides a detailed costs and benefits analysis that includes rate of return and payback/savings calculations for various green options
Detailed timeline to achieve LEED EB: O&M Certification
Gateway Center Hotels
Sanctuary Park Offices
Oakmont Industrial Building
Atlanta Public Schools
Premier Plaza Multi-Tenant Offices
Broward County Convention Center

LEED Certification Consulting
Our experienced team will work side-by-side with you to ensure the successful LEED certification for your office, school, hotel, convention center, industrial building or other real estate project.

We offer a detailed plan of attack, outlining the 200+ steps that are needed to achieve the LEED level of your choice, including:

LEED for New Construction
LEED Core & Shell
LEED for Schools
LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance



Facilities Staff Extension
With most facilities’ staffs working at full capacity without the ability to add staff, Sustainable Options offers a facilities staff extension program that offers clients the ability to expand the depth of the facilities management department while not adding overhead associated with a fulltime employee.

Construction Management
At Sustainable Options, our team’s extensive construction management experience, combined with our valuable knowledge of green practices, allow us to provide you with a range of valuable construction-related services.

Services include:

LEED consulting for general contractors
Sustainability strategic planning
Electronic bidding
Contracting design services
Energy Star coordination
LEED certification coordination
Sustainable Design Charettes (including traditional pre-design coordination)
Green construction management
Managing the commissioning process
Post-construction (including warranty management and dispute resolution)


Building Energy Performance Assessment (BEPA)

A Building Energy Performance Assessment (BEPA) is a standard method for collecting, disclosing and ensuring consistent and reliable energy use information for commercial buildings. The BEPA is now a recommended part of the due diligence process. As an early adopter of this standard, Sustainable Options is your first choice provider for BEPA implementation.

Sustainable Options' LEED Accredited Professionals conduct the assessment by collecting information on building energy consumption and cost over the previous three years or since the last major renovation along with other data. With this information, we will compile a final BEPA report describing the commercial building's historical energy use and cost; how these factors can be affected by weather, occupancy and other conditions; the building's carbon footprint and an energy consumption disclosure statement with supporting documentation.

Our Building Energy Performance Assessments give building owners, potential purchasers, and individuals who provide professional services to the commercial real estate industry a consistent, reliable means of collecting and reporting the details of a building's energy use.

Facility Asset Management

As a Facility Asset Management Consultant, Sustainable Options is committed to helping clients maximize their Return on Investment (ROI). We focus on converting building assets into financial terms and helping clients identify repair versus replacement options to optimize their facility asset management program. We strive to increase efficiency and financially optimize capital and operating budgets in your business; all from a practical, sustainable perspective.

Our facility experts analyze data gathered in the field and assist organizations to improve facility performance through portfolio analysis and alignment, capital budget planning, optimized spending plans, business process reengineering, program development and much more.


Roof Asset Management Program

Sustainable Options provides our clients with an expert and sustainable Roof Asset Management Program. Services include roof management planning, preventive maintenance and minor repair, building envelope energy management and procurement of services. This program will benchmark your current facility roofing inventory and provide you with a clear view of its current condition. Once the facility's roofing inventory is benchmarked, short- and long-term budgeting for repairs, maintenance, and roof replacement; life-cycle cost analysis; and other financial decision making tools can be provided. With these tools, the owner is able to make better decisions and make more complete budget forecasts. reduces roof leaks, extends roof life, and implements minor improvements to This program significantly reduces building energy consumption - while building a strategy for future upgrades and renewable energy projects. Our Roof Asset Management Program turns data into repairs and maintenance that will lead to fewer problems, a longer roof system service life, and over-all lower cost. You see, sustainability goes well beyond certifications.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) into place at a business. Achieving the ISO 14001 standard will allow your company to find significant savings on utilities, reduce waste from raw materials, enhance your company's reputation, and gain a competitive edge in your own marketplace. Here at Sustainable Options, we will work to keep a balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact of your company. Our goal is to assist companies in continually improving their environmental performance, while complying with any applicable legislation. We will help your company set goals and write policies, while assisting you in meeting objectives and goals. We also offer documentation, training, internal auditing, and RFQ for Certification.


Certified Provider for PACE Financing Projects: Atlanta, Miami, Sacramento

Sustainable Options is one of only a handful of certified service providers who can help your property obtain PACE financing for authorized energy retrofits utilizing this unique financing tool that can allow you to borrow as much as ten percent of your commercial or industrial property's fair market value to enhance its energy efficiency. The best part about PACE financing is that the loan remains with the property and is paid back through the tax bill. Depending upon the level of changes being made, financing can extend five, ten or even twenty years in some cases!

Thermal Imaging/Infrared Building Scanning

Sustainable Options utilizes FLIR technology in providing infrared scanning of your building envelope, roof or other areas of your building requiring non-invasive investigation. Our thermal imaging services are designed to provide you with information on heat gain or heat loss from your facility. It also provides an indication of moisture infiltration as well. This knowledge can help a facility manager take corrective action often prior to any severe damage being caused by poor conditions.

so thermal imaging


Power Factor Correction

Sustainable Options (SO) offers a facility-wide approach to designing and implementing a custom energy savings and power quality improvement system. We begin by analyzing your entire facility's electrical distribution system and power quality. We then design and install custom energy conservation systems proven to:

Eliminate power surges
Reduce Heat
Improve cooling capacity of air conditioning and refrigeration
Increase lifecycle of motors, lights, air conditioning and refrigeration
Eliminate power factor penalty
Reduce electrical energy consumption
Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
Improve power factor, power quality, and voltage
Increase electrical system capacity

SO's Energy Automation Systems provide environmental benefits. This system will help reduce the following:

Reduction in fossil fuel consumption:
Natural Gas
Greenhouse gas emissions:
Carbon dioxide
Sulphur dioxide
Nitrogen oxide

Additional benefits provided with our system:

Guaranteed Energy Savings through Lloyd's of London Insurance Policy
Simple Payback, Excellent ROI
6 year product warranty

This system has been installed in numerous facilities over 30+ years and we will be happy to provide references. Our system may also help achieve certain credits under a LEED Certification program.