Sustainable Options, LLC is an Atlanta-based green building consulting firm providing property owners upfront analysis and hands-on implementation of the Energy Star, LEED and Green Globes Green Building Rating Systems.  Having worked on more than 80 LEED and Energy Star related projects since 2004, Sustainable Options’ team offers experience in both new construction certifications as well as existing buildings programs.  Green building projects undertaken by Sustainable Options include office buildings, schools, hotels, convention centers and large industrial/distribution centers.

What are the benefits of certifying green buildings?

  • Third-party validation of sustainable accomplishments
  • Maximize operational efficiencies
  • Provide effective benchmarking and verification
  • Improve indoor environmental quality
  • Positive public relations and enhanced marketability

Corporations, non-profits and government agencies across the United States are embracing sustainability programs to showcase their advanced environmental responsibility as well as to support their economic and social business objectives.  A new system of government policies, regulations, research funding and tax incentives is currently being enacted that is stimulating the real estate development and services industries to provide solutions that increase resource productivity, maximize energy and water efficiency while instilling an ethic of conservation. Opportunities abound for forward-thinking companies.

Sustainable Options’ clients appreciate that we accurately project the costs and benefits of implementing the various green building initiatives – and that we both educate and coordinate the various team members working to achieve their sustainability goals. 

Sustainable Options “LEED for Existing Buildings Audit” program is an industry leader in providing building owners with a defined strategy from which to structure a holistic approach to achieving green building certification.

We understand that business decisions must have a return-on-investment support. Therefore, our experienced team will provide you with a detailed analysis that clearly outlines the specific costs and benefits of your green investment. Equipped with this information, we can devise the appropriate green approach for your business’s unique needs, and will provide the guidance and tools you need to effectively maximize your sustainable property.

With offices in Atlanta and South Florida, Sustainable Options has worked in dozens of markets across the United States to help building owners, investors, users, developers and property management teams capture the value of green for their business.